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Collaborative solutions for business owners

We help business owners in Fort Collins, CO, feel more confident and grow their business faster by gaining perspective, accountability, and encouragement from peer business owners through monthly peer collaboration meetings, professionally facilitated by a successful business veteran. We do this by custom mixing 12 non-competitive business owners from diverse industries to form a business peer advisory group that can be guided by a facilitator who leads owners through a Lo-Collaborative process to find unique, collaborative solutions to timely business challenges and opportunities. If you are looking for mastermind groups “near me” in Fort Collins, CO, talk to us!

Grow your business through peer advisory group collaboration - not just small business networking.

A Chapter Is Made Up Of:

12 Business Owners

+ different industries represented
+ non-competitive businesses
+ diverse experience & perspective

1 Successful Business Facilitator

+ successful past or present owner/operator 
+ guides 4 step LoCo ideation process 

1 Monthly Chapter Meeting

+ half day peer collaboration meetings
+ 1 x1 accountability check-ins
+ topical expert speakers

Types of Chapters


✔ 5 or fewer employees

✔ Revenue less than $500,000 

✔ Dedicated to growing



✔ 5-25 employees

✔ Revenue between $500K - $5MM

✔ Commitment to solutions


Next Level

✔ 25 or more employees

✔ Revenue over $5MM 

✔Too big to be small



✔ key employee/leader

✔ Reports directly to owner 

✔ Committed to small business growth & networking


"I have been a member of Think Tank for 2 years and the monthly meeting and optional 121 coaching has been extremely useful! I love sitting in a room with local like minded movers and shakers:) Our businesses might be vastly different yet we face similar challenges. One month we might hone in on recruiting, on boarding, or compensation structures for our employees while the next month might focus on real estate purchases, acquiring a new business, or an exit strategy. The guest speakers cover a plethora of topics from conflict resolution, true self care and wellness, to cyber security and everything in between. The results of such a group are invaluable and I highly recommend joining!"

Katie Straubel
Owner of Clean Bees

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